Office Secretary for MD/CEO

An office secretary , or administrative assistant, is a person whose work consists of supporting MDs, CEOs and management using a variety of communication and organizational skills. In other situations a secretary is an officer of a society or organization who deals with correspondence, admits new members and organizes official meeting and events.

The objectives of this service is to familiarize the clients with necessary management ,communication and organizational skills required by an office secretary to perform his duties more effectively

• Introduction
• Roles and functions of the Office Secretay

Essential for Communication Skills

1. Avoiding Communication Breakdown
2. Listening Skills
3. Assertiveness
4. Managing Requests
5. Managing Conflict
6. Board/Committee Meeting Procedures
7. Taking Notes
8. Preparation of Minutes and Resolutions
9. Report and Letter Writing

Desk Management

1. Office layout and Ergonomics
2. Information System
3. Managing the Paper Load
4. E-mail and office Technology

Communication Etiquette

1. Using the telephone and E-mail as effective procedures in internal and External Business Communication

Target Group

• Office Secretary for MDs and CEOs
• Would be Entrepreneurs
• • Business Executives from any business firm, NGOs and other persons having special interest in communication and organizational skills


Negotiation Skills

The objective is to provide functional as well as effective knowledge about result-oriented negotiation. This is an intensive service to provide transparent knowledge about negotiation skills and its proper implementation for the purpose of business promotion and arrive at a Win-Win –agreement/Contract

Introduction to Negotiation

• Why Negotiate
• Style and Outcome

The Negotiation Model

• Phases of Negotiation
• Detailed Investigation
• Non-verbal communication
• Creative Presentation
• Effective Bargaining
• Win-Win Agreement

Making of a Motivated Negotiator

Test to Determine the Motivation

The Areas of Negotiation and Cultural Negotiations

• The Technique and Principles of Negotiation
• Application and Relevance

Target Client

• Entrepreneur
• Business leader
• Manager or Sale Professional
• Teacher
• Trainer
• Consultant
• Student and any one who like to be a good negotiator to reach an Win-Win agreement and to win friend and influence people

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development

This Service aims to develop the understanding of participants regarding how innovation leads to the emergence of new knowledge which forms the basis of new product, service and process and the role which entrepreneurship play in shaping the way in which opportunity is identified, shaped and taken to the market through the formation of new enterprise or the integration of innovation into existing organization.
• Managing a growing business
• Scope of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
• Why to be an Entrepreneur?
• Historical Perspective: SME entrepreneurship
• Facilitator of new entrepreneur area
• Problem face by Entrepreneur
• Entrepreneurial Development Cycle
• Entrepreneurial Marketing
• Entrepreneurial Finance
• Innovation for Organic Growth
• International Alliance
Target Group
This service is designed to aim at executive of different level from several company . It include proven or promising international market potential, potential for high growth, High tech product /service.
From industry including but not limited to
• Oil and gas
• Maritime
• Clean tech
• Renewable energy
• Public health and medtech
• Biotech
• Engineering
• Food and beverage
• Banking and Finance
• Telecommunication
• Government organization

How To Manage a Sales team: A Practical guide to Sales leadership

However good an organization’s product or services, it still has to communicate the benefits effectively to potential customers.The quality of a sales team can be crucial to the success or otherwise of the organization,especially in the fiercely competitive marketplace .

This Service meets the need for a practical handbook for every manager responsible for building or leading a sales team. With useful checklists and case studies throughout,it covers the whole subject from initial planning to recruitment,sales training,motivation and supervision,controlling,budgets and forecasts,running sales meetings, and managing the sales function successfully within the organization as a whole.

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Time Management

With work pressures mounting and information overload, do you find it hard to develop your skills? Whether you are new to a subject, or need to brush up on your existing knowledge.This services make it as easy as possible for you by breaking down subjects into simple steps that can be learn.

This Service covers the following

  • Self-assessment
  • Mastering paperwork
  • Planning
  • Controlling I T
  • Taming the Telephone
  • Managing meeting
  • Managing Project

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